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Tabata Training

Posted: April 15, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Group X at St. Cloud State University recently unveiled a new group class called Tabata. But what is it?? Tabata is a type of training that focuses on high intensity interval training. Workouts last about 4 minutes but it’ll be the hardest 4 minutes you’ll experience. The structure is 20 seconds of intense training with 10 seconds of rest. There’s 8 rounds of this! You can do pretty much anything for the 20 second intervals but exercises that work the big muscle groups are great! Don’t be afraid to use small weights and kettle bells.

Check out this Tabata routine



Did you know treadmills aren’t just for running? Amp up your workout routine with these strength training workouts using your… arms? Check out this video with workouts from Equinox. From planks to mountain climbers, you’ll get new muscles in no time and you’ll never look at your treadmill the same way again!

Has your dumbbell workout been feeling a little boring lately? Or are you looking for a way to amp up your workout in general? Dumbbell exercises provide a great full body workout in a small amount of space. Here is an awesome article filled with 30 Dumbbell Exercises Missing From Your Routine.


Full Body Circuit Workout- No Equipment Necessary

After a quick warm-up, this is the perfect workout to get your body moving without having to be in the gym. Repeat each circuit twice, resting for 60 seconds after completing the entire circuit twice.

Abs of Steel

Posted: April 21, 2014 in Workouts
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Love working on your core and achieving that solid core? Here are nine moves that show your step-by-step how to work that core to a tighter you!  Click here to view your next core-changing workout.

20-Minute Interval Upper Body Workout

Work you lower half with this ten-minute workout presented by trainer Tracey Mallet. During this workout, you will lift your glutes, while working on tightening the butt. No equipment is required, so simply play the video and dive right in.