Posted: November 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Fit Freshmen

This week we’re doing circuits!

The circuits we’re doing this week are basically 3 workouts, in 1 set. So instead of doing 30 crunches, then pausing, and doing 30 push-ups, when we do circuits, we’re treating all 3 different workouts like they are 1 set. This requires a lot more work, a lot more energy, and will produce better results because you’re working different muscles at once.

My circuits focus on the abs, so this link will give you other workouts that tend to your entire body’s fitness. Remember to breathe while working out! And drink water in between, you’re trying to make your body more healthy, not deprive it when it needs hydration.

Circuit #1

Step 1:These pictures do a great job in showing the position that the first exercise calls for. You’re basically lifting yourself up to the tuck position, then releasing your body back down to the…

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