Eating Out + Eating Healthy. Is it Possible?

Posted: November 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

The Scent Of Oranges

Sorry, no recipe today.  But get ready for the next two because they are AMAZING!  Well I know one is because I have already made it and the other one sounds amazing so I am just assuming it will be:-) I thought today we could talk a little about the conundrum of eating healthy when dining out.  We all do it.  For some of us eating out is saved for special occasions or those accidental moments when you end up being gone all day without any food packed.  For others eating out is a way of life due to busy schedules, culinary stress or a variety of other causes.DSC_0499DSC_0595Me?  I don’t eat out very often.  Growing up eating out was reserved for birthdays or special occasions.  When I was in college I still rarely ate out, unless it was a date.  I have always been a little too frugal…

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