The Life Of An Intramural Official

Posted: October 21, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Each year the Intramurals department hires many SCSU students to officiate the various intramural sporting events. After training you can become a member of the “Officials Club” where you will have the opportunity to officiate in the community at area junior high, high school and various other contests.
Nicole Novotny became an official her first year at SCSU, after she transferred from a smaller school. After playing soccer most of her life, Novotny wanted to meet new people and continue to play what she loved. When she began searching for information on intramural soccer at SCSU, she came across the Intramural Officials program. “I had been a certified soccer referee since 2007, so I thought reffing on campus would be something I would like and a nice way for me to make a little extra money too,” said Novotny.
Once she was involved in the program, she realized how reffing for SCSU Intramurals also created many relationships with co-workers, Intramural Program Assistants and the players on the teams as well. “I have made plenty of friends through the intramural soccer program, both as a player and a referee, and some of them I know will last way beyond graduation,” said Novotny.


Even though some people do not agree with every call she makes, the love for the game and friendships that are made make it all worthwhile, she said. Novotny plans to continue re-certifying herself as she needs to and plans to keep reffing as a hobby she does in her spare time.
If you are interested in become an official, please stop by the Student Recreation Center Front desk or contact the Intramurals department at 320-308-3325.




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