The Granite Games

Posted: October 16, 2013 in Inspiration
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The third annual Granite Games took place in Halenbeck Hall Oct. 4, 5 and 6. This three-day event consisted of 560 athletes, five divisions, 20 vendors, 20 games athletes and a $1500 reward.
From 40 athletes in 2011 to 90 in 2012, the number of athletes for 2013 reached a new level. The purpose of the Granite Games is for those to test themselves in a scored competition setting. The Granite Games states that, “Competitions are an essential source of motivation and acknowledgement, creating a stage to share the results of hard work with peers, family and friends.”

The Granite Games is a national CrossFit competition that features athletes from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, Arizona, California, Georgia, New York, Canada and many other states as well. The games consist of five different divisions: The Elite, Asrx, Scaled, Masters and 45 and up. 150 volunteers led a helping hand to make the event possible and certified judges make sure the event runs smoothly. To be a part of the Granite Games, one must be associated with CrossFit training in some way. They also need to be able to perform the movement standards in their division.

Two St. Cloud State Campus Recreation workers competed in the Granite Games this year. Junior Brandon Hiemenz has been doing Olympic lifting and athletic training for four years and began CrossFit five months ago. At the Granite Games he competed in the Asrx division. Brandon decided to compete in the Granite Games “To compete against other athletes from across the nation and to test my abilities against them.”

What Hiemenz enjoyed the most at the event was, “All the vendors they had set up in the Fieldhouse and they had a camp outside for just the athletes to warm up and prepare for each of their events. It was very well organized and was only delayed once through the whole event.”

Senior Caleb Cohoon was introduced to CrossFit back in high school from one of his friends. He admits, “She kept bugging me about trying it and I finally did and I loved it.”

Cohoon has been involved with CrossFit for four months. At the Granite Games he competed in the Scaled division and took first place out of 48 men. “The competition was different from anything I have ever done. It was an awesome event and I definitely plan on competing again next year,” said Cohoon.

Being able to participate with friends and improve his lifting technique was what Cohoon enjoyed most about the Granite Games.

Athletes competed in a minimum of four different events that involved Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, running, rowing, biking and powerlifting. Each division consisted of different events. For Hiemenz, competing in the Asrx division, his first event consisted of:

  • The snatch ladder
    • Weight: 145 pounds, 165 pounds, 185 pounds, 205 pounds, 225 pounds, 235 pounds, 245 pounds, 255 pounds.
    • Complete two snatch movements in thirty seconds
    • Deadlift repetitions after failed snatch attempt will count as partial pounds [one deadlift counts as 1/1000 of a pound).

    Event two:

    • 180m sprint, 10×135 lb thrusters, 180m sprint, 8×135 lb thrusters, 180m sprint, 6×135 lb thrusters, 180m sprint, 4×135 lb thrusters 180m sprint, 2×135 lb thrusters.

    Event three:

    • Five minute Airdyne bike test to produce as many calories as possible. [part one was a 50 calories sprint on Airdyne as fast as possible and the second part was a five minute maximum calories on Airdyne.

    Event Four [Immediately following event three]

    • 12-minute time cap: 100 double-unders, 50 overhead kettle bell swings [54 lbs], 25 ring muscle-ups

    Event Five:

    • 12-minute time cap: 45 toes to bar, three rounds of: 15×185 lb deadlift, 15×185 lb back squat.

    CrossFit has been designed to “best prepare trainees for any physical contingency.” Developed by Greg Classman over several decades, he was the first person to define fitness in a meaningful and measurable way. CrossFit is defined as “optimized fitness” [movements performed at high intensity]. CrossFit pulls people together in communities to workout together, making people work harder and reach the results they want.

    CrossFit offers accredited training seminars throughout the world as well as offers many workouts and training materials for free online. CrossFit is worldwide with over 5,5000 gyms and more than 35,000 level one trainers. CrossFit is home to the CrossFit Games, which determines the “fittest man and woman on earth.”

    Anyone with an Internet connection and willingness to give CrossFit a try can. CrossFit believes in the formula: constantly varied + functional movements performed at high intensity leads to health and fitness. CrossFit offers training seminars and beginner content for those who are interested in becoming a healthier individual.

    Individuals can workout on their own or attend one of the licensed CrossFit affiliates worldwide. CrossFit suggests guidelines on where to start for people interested in CrossFit, depending on their experience. To become involved with CrossFit, and have the opportunity to participate in the Granite Games next year, visit their website for more information at

  1. Jess says:

    To gain information on the Granite Games and registration, please visit CrossFit HQ is not affiliated with the Granite Games fitness competition.

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