Summertime at Lake George

Posted: September 23, 2013 in Uncategorized
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This summer was packed with canoes, paddle and peddle boards–and of course, a lot of people! In cooperation with the City of St. Cloud and the St. Cloud Rotary Club, Outdoor Endeavors was back again at Lake George this summer. As the leading provider of outdoor adventure, they were pleased to be part of the community and operate the paddle sports arm of programming at Lake George. 

Every Wednesday throughout majority of the summer [June 12-Aug. 28] Summertime by Lake George was in full force. Reaching a total of 90,000 participants with thousands of rentals this summer, Outdoor Endeavors admits they are quite happy with that number. 

Many volunteers teamed up to help put on the program which brought in many families, date night couples, community members and international students.

Stand-up paddle boards proved to be the biggest hit for all age levels as they all wanted to give it a try. Lines became packed as the summer was in full force; many times creating lines with an hour long wait.

“Families and community members didn’t even mind the lines at times, they were just happy to be out in the community celebrating summer at the beautiful Lake George,” said Nick Goldsmith, Outdoor Endeavors employee. 

Goldsmith loved to see so many people participating in the events, even when it got a little stressful with how busy it was at times. “When the events are free and people have never tried many of the activities, it was cool to see people experience them,” he said. His favorite activity out there was the stand-up paddle boards.  

Even though Summertime by Lake George is finished for this year, summer events are in full swing every summer. Besides paddleboats, canoes and kayak rentals, Outdoor Endeavors offers instructional programs, special events and custom programs to meet a groups specific needs. 

Lake George Boathouse Business Phone: (320)-333-3745 or SCSU Outdoor Endeavors Business Phone: (320)-308-3772; or e-mail Outdoor Endeavors at



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