Getting Personal With Group Fitness

Posted: September 6, 2013 in Inspiration, Workouts
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“I have been attending Group Fitness classes for three years now,” said Emily Miller,Senior at SCSU who also works as Group Fitness Instructor and Coordinator. When Miller started taking group fitness classes her freshman year, she immediately fell in love with program. ‘I enjoyed the friendly staff and the happy atmosphere’ were her words exactly.

Looking for something that fits into your lifestyle can be a challenge as you first get to college. It can also be a little intimidating to join something new when you are unfamiliar with the people around you. Group fitness classes offer a way for you to explore your interests, while surrounded by friendly staff and students. “Group Fitness helps you build a community within the staff and the participants that come to the classes. It allows you to reduce stress by having fun and staying healthy,” Miller said. Taking that step and trying something new can help you on the path to a successful and fun college career.

Zumba and Yoga, to more challenging classes like Boot Camp and Cycle N’ Sculpt, are available seven days a week, and there are classes open to all fitness levels. Find out what interests you at Free Week, going on all this week!

So, what’s Emily’s recommendation? “Absolutely join the Group Fitness program, or just check out a class for those who want to stay physically active, meet new people, and be around a friendly atmosphere!”

For more information on classes offered, along with descriptions- see the scheduleImage


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