Do You Have Your Workout Under Control?

Posted: September 2, 2013 in Inspiration, Workouts
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Getting into the gym is the first step in staying in shape and reaching your fitness goals, but if you are unsure as to what you are doing in the gym, you won’t be giving your body the workout it really needs. Whether you enjoy working out in the gym or attending fitness classes, it is important you are making the right moves to stay on track. 

For one SCSU student, discovering how to lift weights properly was just what he needed to excel in the gym and get the results he really wanted. One of the Campus Recreation personal trainers spotted him in the gym and offered him a few lifting techniques to help him improve. The student decided he could really use a personal trainer to help him out a bit more before he was on his own again in the facility. The consultations and workouts were as he said, “Very different and refreshing, I absolutely loved them!” 

When the client completed his personal training sessions he noticed a “Harder body and  was more visually cut, also better poster, lifting technique and breathing/cardio habits.”

I had really bad lifting technique before and they were rectified through my new workouts and my body has reaped the benefits, ” said the client. 

Whether you are looking for some extra tips in the gym with a few personal training sessions or group fitness classes to keep you pushing through your workout one step at a time, be sure to know how to do the right moves to get the results you desire. 

For more information on SCSU fitness. 



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