The College Workout

Posted: January 24, 2013 in Workouts

Most people have a hard time finding motivation, time, and the money in college to go to the gym. In these cold winter months the only thing you want to do is stay in your room and cuddle into your warm blankets. This is the perfect recipe for disaster. Remember all those days you have tried to squeeze in those jeans, or the time you took a peak in the mirror and wished you would have stopped yourself from eating that extra few bites time after time. Now you can get back at those sneaky bites that have made you gain a few extra pounds in college and shed them away before summer. Stop thinking about one day I will change and that next week you will begin your workout. Now is the time you need to push yourself the most. Try this great workout in YOUR dorm, room, friends house, or wherever you have a little extra space to create some sweat. See those results fast. Get going today. Find this ultimate workout here.


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