On April 1st ,2017 we hosted the Iron Husky Weightlifting Competition at the our Fitness Center.  Our student staff put in tremendous efforts in the weeks leading up to the event to make it a success. We used promotional videos, posters, and social media to ensure that the students at SCSU were aware of the what was happening at CAMPUS REC. The day of the event saw a huge turn out of participants  and spectators.

All in all it was a fun day at SCSU Campus Rec.

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Intramural Block 3 Champions

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Intramural Block 3 was great success. A big congrats to our champions!  Some have been a part of every Intramural Block through the year ,and others who are new have showed excellent sportsmanship and dedication to the sport. We at SCSU Campus Rec also appreciate the efforts of our staff for making every Intramural Block possible with great team work and resilience.

Looks out for our upcoming  Intramural Block 4 posts.

Tabata Training

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Group X at St. Cloud State University recently unveiled a new group class called Tabata. But what is it?? Tabata is a type of training that focuses on high intensity interval training. Workouts last about 4 minutes but it’ll be the hardest 4 minutes you’ll experience. The structure is 20 seconds of intense training with 10 seconds of rest. There’s 8 rounds of this! You can do pretty much anything for the 20 second intervals but exercises that work the big muscle groups are great! Don’t be afraid to use small weights and kettle bells.

Check out this Tabata routine


Smoothies… bad for you, right? Wrong! Smoothies get a bad rap for being high in calories and sugar (which can be true) but if you’re making them with the right ingredients and for the right reasons, they can be very good for you. There are key ingredients that can be used in smoothies to boost your metabolism, aid in weight loss, give you a boost before a workout, and help restore you after a workout. The key is knowing which ingredients to use.

Yogurt: good for protein, calcium and probiotics
Bananas: rich in potassium, vitamin B, and other nutrients. Bananas add a sweet element to smoothies!
Milk: A great source for calcium and other nutrients
Berries: add a sweet element and pack a ton of healthy benefits
Whey protein: gives you a boost of protein
Teas: different types of teas offer all different kinds of health benefits and a different flavor to your smoothie
HEALTHY fats: like flaxseed oil and avocado help keep you full

Check out this infographic for smoothie recipes for all kinds of situations!


Human Battleship

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At St. Cloud State University, we’re not afraid to play in the water during winter. We helped host an event for our Celebrate! St. Cloud State week (A week dedicated to all things Husky Pride and Spirit!) We like to call this event, “Human Battleship”. It sounds exactly like what you’re thinking. Teams get together in a canoe and try to sink other teams by throwing water on them. We like to think we’re starting a new revolution. Check it out!

Fitness Friday

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Well we’re half-way through February. Who’s already abandoned their New Year’s Resolution from last month? It’s okay to admit that you have. The percentage of people who successfully achieve their resolution is only 8%. This video from the Vice President of Rejuv Medical in St. Cloud can give you tips about how to get over the fitness plateau many people are probably experiencing at this point. Check it out and learn about the 3 types of plateaus.

Here in Minnesota, the weather hit 40 degrees ABOVE ZERO today. This means a seeing a startling number of people wearing shorts or t-shirts. The first taste of warmer weather always raises spirits until it snows the next day and people remember how cruel winter can be. But this warm weather reminds us of spring and that doesn’t just mean flowers and sunshine… it means lots of 5k races. It’s okay if you hit a bump during winter, it happens to best of us. But this infographic can help get you back into the 5k groove or at least get you thinking about it. There’s also tons of apps and websites out there that can help you train for a 5k like Couch to 5K.