Has your dumbbell workout been feeling a little boring lately? Or are you looking for a way to amp up your workout in general? Dumbbell exercises provide a great full body workout in a small amount of space. Here is an awesome article filled with 30 Dumbbell Exercises Missing From Your Routine.



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Check out this 15 minute video from Women’s Health magazine. This video will help you sculpt and tone your abs and core in only 15 minutes! 

Do you eat before your workout? If the answer to that is no, then you should! You can maximize your energy and your workout if you eat the right things before your workout. You should also be conscious about what you eat after your workout too. Take a look at this article from Lauren Conrad’s website What to Eat Before and After a Workout. We want to know what you eat before and after a workout and if you find it helps and makes you feel good. Comment on this post with your pre or post workout meal!


If you have even the smallest interest in health and fitness, you’ve probably heard of CrossFit. Even if you have no interest in health and fitness, you’ve probably heard of it. But what the heck is it? CrossFit is both a fitness philosophy and a competitive sport. St. Cloud State University actually hosted a CrossFit Games a couple weeks ago. CrossFit combines elements of many different workouts into one big workout. Here is a 10-Minute CrossFit Workout Video instructed by Jessica Alba’s trainer. Bonus: No equipment needed!

September is coming to a close which means the month of October is almost upon us. October is the last month in Minnesota before the weather becomes unbearably cold. Because of this, it is the best month to be outside. It’s the month where the air is crisp and smells like fall and the leaves start to change colors. The scenery makes your morning and afternoon runs… dare I say, fun.

If you feel like you’re stuck in a running rut or just feel like you want to get out and start running, this is the month to do it. The change in scenery alone should get anyone out of their running rut but a new pair of running shoes could always help. Here is an infographic that explains how to choose the right pair of running shoes.

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It seems like all I’ve been hearing about these days, in terms of health foods, is kale. What could be so great about another green leafy vegetable that looks like spinach and broccoli had a baby? Well actually there are a lot of great benefits for eating kale and it tastes pretty good! Take a look at this awesome infographic that displays all the great benefits of kale:


Still not convinced that something so healthy could actually taste good? Check out this website that gives an awesome recipe for Baked Kale Chips

Who doesn’t like Chipotle? I know when I get cravings for it, they come on hard and fast but once you realize how many calories are in one meal, it’s hard to feel good afterward! Here is a really great post about ways to drop the calories in your delicious meal! Chipotle Meals for Under 500 Calories